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The disclaimer feature of Pixity Booth will allow you to show an agreement your event guests must accept before they are able to share their item. You have the ability to force all users to agree to the disclaimer before they share, or you can allow users to skip the disclaimer.

Click here to download a Terms of Service Template


How to Setup the Disclaimer


  1. Enable – This feature must be enabled to to activate the feature
  2. Browse – Click the browse button to upload a .txt file with your terms and agreement text
  3. User must agree РIf you enable this option. all users must agree to the disclaimer before they are allowed to share. If they do not agree to the disclaimer, their session will automatically be ended and the app will revert to the live preview screen.


How to access the Disclaimer Opt-Ins

Once your event is complete, you may want to view the opt-in list for the disclaimer. You can view this information with the following steps:


disclaimer opt in

  1. Go to to data capture tab
  2. Select your event from the dropdown list
  3. Select any sharing method to view the required data capture info
  4. You will see the opt in status of the user from the Opt in column