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Pixity Booth allows you to e-mail photos to kiosk users. The e-mails sent to users can be branded to include your company logo, message and call to actions.

Steps Needed

  1. Create an Email Template
  2. Create an event or edit existing event
  3. Modify Email Settings

1. Create an Email Template

  1. You must have an e-mail template created before you can send emails. Click here for instructions on creating your first email template.

2. Create an event or edit existing event



email actions

  1. If you do not have an event you want to modify e-mail settings for, create one. If you already have an event, click edit under the actions menu.

3. Modify Email Settings


From Email Address

When a user receives their e-mail, it will appear to come from the e-mail address you have entered here.

Tip: Use an e-mail address that is real because guests may reply to the e-mail containing the photo.


From Name

This is different than the e-mail address. This will show as the name of the sender of the email.

Tip: Use a name that guests will recognize as your brand.

Example: Pixity Booth or McDonalds


When a guest receives their email, the subject will be the headline of the email and will show in the list of emails the guest has in their e-mail inbox.

Tip: Use a subject line that guests will recognize from your event or brand.

Example: Photos from the 2015 Pepsi Challenge

Email Template

Select your e-mail template from the dropdown list. If you do not have an e-mail template, go to the E-mail Editor and create one.