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This guide will show you how to setup Facebook sharing with Pixity Booth

Steps Needed

  1. Enable Facebook Sharing
  2. Modify Facebook options

1. Enable Facebook Sharing



When creating your event, enable the Facebook sharing option.

2. Modify Facebook options



Wall Message

This will be the message shared on your users Facebook wall. Include your companies URL or mention your services or product.

Example: Thanks for using the photo booth at Pixity-palooza! | pixitybooth.com

Allow user entered message

If you enable this, users will get a prompt asking them to write a message to be shared with their photo. We suggest not enabling this because it will slow down your line.

Album Name

When the users photo is posted, Pixity Booth will create an album on their Facebook account with this name. Keep your album names to one word or a very short phrase.

Good Example: Pixity Booth, Pixity-palooza, Smith Wedding

Bad Examples: The Biggest Bestest Event of 2015, Of Mice & Men Movie Premier at LAX

Checkin User to location & Location ID

When a user shares to Facebook, their location on Facebook will be updated to the location you set. Click here to learn more about this feature and how to setup.

Enable Facebook Like Gate & URL of Page to Like

Users will be prompted to “Like” your specified page on Facebook. Click here to learn more about this feature and how to setup.