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This guide goes over how to set the app to auto upload images directly to your Facebook business page during the event.

*This guide assumes that you have already set up your event. If you need access to the basic set up guide for Pixity Booth please click here.


Steps Needed

  1. Enable Facebook Automatic Page Uploads
  2. Send Facebook Access Request
  3. Accept Permission
  4. Finalize Facebook Automatic Page Uploads


1. Enable Facebook Automatic page uploads


facebook page uploads



  1. Click to enable uploading images to facebook
  2. Click to send facebook page request


2. Send Facebook Access Request


email send fb



  1. Enter email address associated with facebook page
  2. Click to send email


3. Accept permission




  • Open the email and click to access the permission page


log in


  • Click log into Facebook


choose page


  • Choose the facebook page to share to



4. Finalize Automatic Page uploads

  • Refresh the page


page added


  • If you see the business page listed you have successfully accepted the invite
  1. Enable this checkbox if you wish to allow only facebook automatic page uploads with no option for the guest to facebook share to their own page
  2. Name the album for this event





  1. Click update event to save settings


*Please note that only images that are saved into the folder AFTER you hit start on the device server will upload to the business page