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If this is your first time using Pixity Booth, please make sure you follow this guide step by step. Don’t veer off start making changes because it may confuse you. Once you have gone through the steps below most things related to Pixity Booth should make more sense.

Steps Needed

  1. Sign up for Pixity Booth – If you do not already have a Pixity Booth read this guide to learn how to create one.
  2. Download the Pixity Booth app – Pixity Booth is available for iOS only. Read this guide to learn how to download Pixity Booth
  3. Run the Pixity Booth app – Once you have Pixity Booth installed, go through this guide to learn how to run the program and launch the Sample Event
  4. Learn how to edit & setup your own event – After you have used the Sample Event, it’s time to learn how to edit the Sample Event or create your own event