3. Running Pixity Booth

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 Running Pixity Booth


  1. Enter username – Enter your username
  2. Password – Enter your password
  3. Camera Select – Choose the FRONT or REAR camera for use
  4. Remember Password – Check this to stay logged in
  5. Sign in – Press this to sign into your account

event listSelect your event

Note: You will not see events older than 1 month in your event list
Touch your event to select it. If the list is empty, you need to login to your dashboard and create a new event.

start event screen

  1. Event Name – Shows the event you have selected
  2. Last Update Time – Shows the time and date of the last time the event settings were saved and downloaded to the iPad.
  3. Update Event – Download the latest settings for the event. If you make any changes in the online dashboard, you must press the UPDATE button to download the latest settings.
  4. Back – Go back to the event selection screen
  5. Start – Begin photo booth usage
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