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Pixity Booth allows you to add as many sub users to your account as you want. Sub users can be attendants who run your events or clients who are leasing Pixity Booth from you. You can create users with the following role types:

  • Admin – Has full control of the account, including billing & removing other admins. Can view and edit all events in the account.
  • Manager  – Can view and edit all events. DOES NOT have access to billing.
  • Operator – Limited access. Can only view and edit events that are assigned to themselves.
  • Client – Cannot edit events. Can only view settings for events assigned to themselves.


How to add Sub Users

add sub users

Within your Pixity Booth dashboard do the following

  1. Click ‘Sub Users’
  2. Click New User

new user form

  1. Enter full name of the new user
  2. Enter e-mail address of the user
  3. Enter the phone Mumber
  4. Select the role type of the user (see below)

When you create a user, the user will receive an email invitation asking them to set a password. If the user does not receive the email, make sure they check their SPAM folder.