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You will need to set up an account with Twilio before enabling the SMS feature of PicPic Social ec. Twilio is a service that will allow users to send their event photos to themselves using PicPic Social via SMS (text messaging) This guide will walk you through setting up both your Twilio account and your event settings with PicPic Social ec.

Twilio pricing:

  • $1 per month for each number
  • $.02 for each text sent

*This guide assumes that you have already registered for a pixity booth account, if not please click here

Steps needed

  1. Sign up for Twilio & Obtain Number
  2. Upgrade your Twilio Account
  3. Enable Text messaging in pixity booth
  4. Copy Twilio Credentials into PicPic Social

1. Sign up for Twilio

1. Click here to sign up for Twilio. Then click on ‘sign up’

sign up

Fill out your personal information and create a log in for Twilio.

register with twilio

  1. Name
  2. Company name
  3. Email
  4. Password/again
  5. Product use – MMS
  6. Building – Your choice of response here
  7. Language- I am not a developer


twilio 3

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Click here if you want to receive a verification text
  3. Click here if you want to receive a phone call instead

verification code

  1. Once you receive your verification code please enter it here
  2. Enter the captcha

Click ‘Submit’!


buy a number


  1. Welcome to your Twilio dashboard!
  2. Click on ‘Buy a Number’

search the number

You will now be able to choose your Twilio number.

  1. Type in your area code or location

Click ‘Search’ and choose one of the numbers that is populated for use

Congratulations! You now have a Twilio number!

2. Upgrade your Twilio account


  1. Click on the account drop down
  2. Click on ‘upgrade now’

payment info

Enter your payment information


  1. Decide using the drop down which amount you want to credit to the account
  2. Enable this check box for auto re charge

Click ‘upgrade account’

Once your account is live you can obtain your credentials.


twilio sid and token


Click on the ‘Home’ option


  1. Click on ‘Dashboard’
  2. Obtain your ‘Account SID’
  3. Click to obtain your ‘Account TOKEN’



 3. Enable Text messaging in pixity booth


pixity log in



Log into your pixity booth dashboard here


  1. Enter your email
  2. Enter your password


Click ‘Sign in’!


  4. Copy Twilio credentials into the event dashboard


sharing text


Scroll down to your ‘Event Sharing Options’


  1. Enable Text messaging by clicking on the check box


text message cred


Right under the check box you enabled for text messaging you will see this box pop up.


  1. Copy and paste your Twilio SID
  2. Copy and paste your Twilio Auth Token
  3. Copy and paste your Twilio number
  4. Enter your choice of message that your guests will receive when they receive their text messaged event photo



update event


  • update the event!