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Pixity Booth provides unlimited storage you can store all of your event photos & gifs online.  With the photos hosted online, you can also download all of the event photos & gifs or send a delivery email to your client so they can download all of the photos & gifs.

Upload all images to my Pixity Booth account

upload all media to my account

If this option is enabled, all of your shared images will be uploaded to your Pixity Booth account. If this option is NOT enabled, you will NOT have any photos or gifs visible online.


Save SHARED & NON-SHARED photos to iPadsave shared and non shared

If this option is enabled, ALL photos will be saved to the iPad. If a user takes a photo and does NOT share it, the photo or gif will still be saved to the iPad.


How to view VIEW event photos & gifs

click actions view

From your events list click ACTIONS >> VIEW


How to DELETE event photos & gifs

delete images

From the VIEW page:

  1. Select 1 or more files
  2. Click DELETE


How to Download all Event Photos & Gifs

set time zone

First, set your time zone by going to your account settings page.

delivery page

From the EVENT LISTING page:

  1. Click ACTIONS
  2. Click DELIVERY

create delivery

  1. Enter the email address for the recipient
  2. Select the date the delivery should be made
  3. Select the time for the delivery
  4. Save the delivery


final delivery steps

The final saved the delivery details will be shown on the delivery page.