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Pixity Booth 2.0

Pixity Booth, our iPad based photo booth software is now in open beta. For those not in the know, Pixity Booth let’s you
run a photo booth using your iPad to capture photos,
gifs (and now) video!

Here are some updates we’ve made


Multi mode support

Run an event with photo, video and gif as capture options.


Videos as idle and background screens

You can now use videos for your custom idle and background screens. Mp4's only.


Multi overlay selection

Give guests the option to select their own photo frame during the session.


Digital props

Hats, glasses and masks automatically placed on event guests with Snapchat-esque digital props.


Multi green screen selection

Guests can choose from a variety of green screen backgrounds you provide.


Universal photo frame

You can use photo frames from ANY source (hint: Paddee). You are no longer limited to using predefined layout options.


Video capture

We have added video capture which can also capture audio if enabled.


Updated dashboard

The online dashboard for event setup has been revamped to be easier to use.

Join the beta!

We would love to have you try the Pixity Booth beta and give us your feedback!
To join the beta please submit the following form:

+1 (401) 427-4277